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doctor on white background. Isolated 3D imageAre you an agile coach looking for a place to ask tough questions about coaching? Then join the Agile Coaching Support list:

Group Welcome:

This is a group for new and experienced coaches to share and learn together in a “safe harbor”. It is a place to ask about agile coaching without fear of what the responses will be. With that in mind, we have the following ground rules:

1. We are all here to learn. So listen first… with respect.

2. Do no harm – Do not bash someone for their approach to a problem
(this includes whether you use Scrum, XP, hybrid, or not-quite-agile). Instead, provide pros, cons, and options. In this forum, nobody gets to be wrong.

3. If it’s urgent, put 911 in the subject – some of us have access to emergency help lines. In the USA, it’s called 911. We want to help you with your coaching emergencies. So put “911 – “ in the beginning of the subject when you have an emergency requiring urgent response.

4. Provide advice and references, not a sales pitch – Many of us are on other e-media that starts pitching something at you. That can shut down conversations. This is not the intent here. If we can share knowledge, then please do. If you start pitching services, you may get pitched out.  Info in email signatures is fine.

5. You can and should recommend the work of others. – It’s ok to recommend someone else’s services if you do not receive benefit. If something has truly helped you on the coaching journey, then recommend it.

So any question that helps you on your coaching journey or information you can share to help others on their journey is welcome here. Enjoy and collaborate!

Thanks to Mark Kilby, Lyssa Adkins, Rachel Davies, Julie Chickering, David Chilcott and Michael Spayd for helping in organizing this list. This list is a result of the coaches hallway clinic (not sure how to describe it) that was held at Agile 2010.

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