Governance – Friend or Foe?

We’re designing a session about governance in an agile world that will explore a contrarian view of what agile governance can be. It’s called: Governance – Friend or Foe? Basically… Is governance focused on the right things? Set up to manage risks, resources, and productivity, governance operates to assure programs get delivered to realize promised benefits. What if...

Lost without a goal

I can’t operate effectively without some kind of goal. Let me clarify that. Without some kind of goal I am directionless. I’m easily distracted from any focus I might have started with by other things that crop up. I end up flitting from one thing to another,...

Emotion creates the common language

The challenge when dealing with people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, qualifications, roles and domain knowledge is speaking the same language. When we face together a problem or opportunity, or given a certain need, we talk about what...

Organization complexity is a waste farm

When people are pooled in specialized silos more process is required to get things done. Responsibility gets diffused and transaction and coordination costs go up because there are more handovers and sign-offs as work is passed around; more meetings are needed...

Pursuing features increases total cost of ownership

I suspect lots of decisions are made because they bring short-term benefits despite there being long-term risks. I’ve seen agile teams pushed for feature after feature with the business owner citing business value prioritization. Certainly there is commercial...

Managing costs provides a false sense of security

In the software world, budgets are mostly about headcount and capital expenditure. Headcount is managed by cost per unit, where a unit is a person considered to be more or less a uniform resource capable of producing fixed output. On a cost per unit basis maybe...

State of Agile survey for 2011 tells a familiar story

One particular chart in the State of Agile survey for 2011 tells a familiar story. Have a look. First up, C - Unit Testing at 70%. That’s reassuring. And unit testing is and should be distinct from L - Test-Driven Development. Test-driven development is about...

Positive emotions and purpose

This post is really a sidebar to my musings about purpose and vision. It’s reference information rather than any real thoughts of my own, which I’ve pulled together because I wanted to touch on the theories behind the positive feelings we experience...

Too busy chopping wood to sharpen the axe

The prevailing management (and financial) mindset in companies today is focused on efficiency, productivity, and costs. The primary concern is to maximize all assets and capabilities so that nothing sits idle. What this really means is keeping people working at...

Systems are seductive

We leap into solving problems with a system of our own design because we convince ourselves they do the job faster, better, and more easily than we can do it.From the moment we set up a system, it will demand our attention. It will grow and spread and encroach....

The (un)ethics of Big Vendor contracts with cost-driven companies

Consider a company looking to procure external software services. This is a company that manages by objectives and spends time and effort micromanaging costs. In a typical procurement situation, probably a tender for services, their fixation on cost pushes them...

Beware the Coefficient of Fiction

There’s a saying: “If it isn’t official, it hasn’t happened”.RAG reports spring to mind. I’ve seen too many RAG reports that have not reflected reality to respect them as a means to report status. Usually, a project stays green until almost the end...

Showcase rehearsal

Showcases are great PR opportunities with the customer and friends (other stakeholders). We want the showcase to be meaningful for the customer and we want the customer to be engaged. So we rehearse a few times to come up with the smoothest running order and an...

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What People Say

“Kelly is an extremely talented and visionary leader. As such he manages to inspire all around him to achieve their best. He is passionate about agile and has a wealth of experience to bring to bear in this area. If you're 'lucky' he might even tell you all about his agile blog. Above all this, Kelly is great fun to work with. He is always relaxed and never gets stressed - and trust me, he had plenty of opportunity here! If you get the chance to work with Kelly, don't pass it up.”


“Kelly revolutionised the way our digital department operated. A true advocate of agile principles, he quickly improved internal communication within our teams and our internal clients by aligning our business and creating a much enhanced sense of transparency in the decisions the business was making. Kelly also introduced a higher sense of empowerment to the development teams...”


“Kelly was a great colleague to work with - highly competent, trustworthy and generally a nice bloke.”


“Kelly’s a leading program director with the ability to take charge from day one and keep strong momentum at both a program and project level driving prioritisation, resourcing and budgeting agendas. Kelly operates with an easy-going style and possesses a strong facilitation skill set. From my 5 months experience working with Kelly, I would recommend Kelly to program manage large scale, complex, cross company change programs both from a business and IT perspective.”


“Kelly and I worked together on a very large project trying to secure a new Insurer client. Kelly had fantastic commercial awareness as well as his technical expertise. Without him I would never had secured this client so I owe a lot to him. He is also a really great guy!”


“I worked with Kelly on many projects at IPC and I was always impressed with his approach to all of them, always ensuring the most commercially viable route was taken. He is great at managing relationships and it was always a pleasure working with him.”


“Kelly came to the department and has really made a huge impact on how the department communicates, collaborates and generally gets things done. We were already developing in an agile way, but Kelly has brought us even more into alignment with agile and scrum best practices, being eager to share information and willing to work with us to change our processes rather than dictate how things must be done. He is highly knowledgable about agile development (as his active blog proves) but his blog won't show what a friendly and knowledgeable guy he is. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a CTO or a seminar on agile/scrum practices - you won't be disappointed!”


“Kelly was engaged as a Program Director on a complex business and technology transformation program for Suncorp Commercial Insurance. Kelly drew on his key capabilities and depth of experience to bring together disparate parties in a harmonised way, ensuring the initiate and concept phases of the program were understood and well formulated. Excellent outcome in a very short time frame. ”


“Kelly is an Agile heavy-weight. He came in to assess my multi-million $ Agile development program which wasn’t delivering the right throughput. He interviewed most of the team and made some key recommendations that, when implemented, showed immediate results. I couldn’t ask for more than that except he’s a really nice guy as well.”


“Kelly was a brilliant CTO and a great support to me in the time we worked together. I owe Kelly a great deal in terms of direction and how to get things done under sometimes difficult circumstances. Thanks Kelly.”


“I worked with Kelly whilst at Thoughtworks and found him to be a most inspiring individual, his common-sense approach coupled with a deep understanding of Agile and business makes him an invaluable asset to any organisation. I can't recommend Kelly enough.”



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