Medium Fidelity Furniture Prototype for our new space

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Wipe Board Plans 12-4-10 RALLY

Our medium fidelity prototype has the bugs shaken out and we’ve ordered 30 T-walls and an overhead power and data grid for our new engineering, operations and support space. To help you and your team down a similar path, I have attached the plans that we had drawn to manufacture our magnetic board walls on wheels. Click on the image for the PDF.


Back in the summer and based my visit to the Standford DSchool, I started talking about the innovations in furniture that I had seen in that space. In Fall, we had a space hackathon with the local team from RightNow and George from the dschool. As a result of that work, we built some T-wall prototypes and started trying different power management strategies.


What was amazing was that the day after we had the T-Walls delivered, a new product development team moved in; as the core engineering teams split from four teams of 9-10 to 7 teams of 3-5 people. It was the perfect validation and a great “earlyvangalist” customer to help us develop our final solution for scale in our new space. (More on “earlyvangalists” on Monday’s blog post – stay tuned.)

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