New Planning Poker Card Design

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Blue Planning Poker Cards

I’ve wanted to update the design of our Planning Poker cards for quite awhile, and we finally got the chance. The new cards feature an all-new back design to go along with the same faces we’ve used for years.

There are 56 cards in the deck. Thirteen estimating numbers are provided in four colors, each with a matching back as shown above. Additional cards include instructions on how to estimate with Planning Poker and feature full-color photos of goats on the back.

The cards are still the same high quality we’ve always provided. Our cards are manufactured by the same company that provides cards for Caesar’s Palace and other leading casinos. The cards come boxed as before although we’ve updated the art on the box cover–check out the leap of that goat!

Cards are for sale on our store. We will continue to sell our branded cards (like these) at our cost of $2.50 per deck. We also have unbranded cards for sale if you don’t want to see any goats anywhere. And we will continue to sell cards with the traditional goat photo backs as long as our inventory lasts.

Let me know what you think of the new design in the comments below.

Fan of Planning Poker Cards

Planning Poker Card box

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