Sharing Insights into Project Management 2.0 with Gina Abudi

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Recently, I was interviewed by Gina Abudi, a successful management consultant with over 15 years of professional background in project management, strategic planning and many other areas. You may find a lot of valuable information and helpful tips in Gina’s blog, where she and a number of guest authors share their acquired knowledge with the readers. By the way, Gina also has been one of the contributing authors of “Project Pain Reliever,” the book I’ve mentioned in one of the previous posts.

During the interview, Gina asked me to reflect on the essence of Project Management 2.0 and explain how it fits into the current trends in the project management space.

  Providing various examples, I highlighted what differentiates Project Management 2.0 from traditional project management practices. I also described how the approach works in Wrike, our project management and collaboration software. You’re all welcome to listen to the podcast with our conversation, posted on Gina’s blog.

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