10-Minute Video Introduction to Scrum

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I’m back. After a long, hard-earned holiday. While I was away, I received this interesting video from Hamid Shojaee at AxoSoft. The video is a whistle-stop tour of Scrum in under 10 minutes! For anyone curious to know about the basics of Scrum, it’s a neat introduction in a very short time. I do, however, have a few comments to add…

* Although Hamid says the daily scrum is optional, it really is a great way to ensure the team and product owner (et al) get clear visibility of progress and issues. It also creates some peer pressure for team members to complete the tasks they commit to. Therefore I would suggest you would lose some important benefits if a team opts out of the daily stand-ups.

* When Hamid mentions estimating – the process of breaking features down into tasks for a Sprint and estimating the effort is called Sprint Planning in Scrum.

* I also think it would be worth a couple more minutes on the video to explain the Sprint Review and Retrospective. The Sprint Review creates an important impetus for the team to deliver on time and show what they’ve achieved at the end of each Sprint. And the Sprint Review makes continuous learning a built-in part of the process – a valuable feature of Scrum.

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