101 Ways Event: iwomm 2.4 – Introduction to Web Assembly

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Our tech community, It Works on My Machine (iwomm), is ready and waiting to introduce you to Web Assembly at our next event on 5 July 2018 at 6.30pm.
Take your seat as the team walk you through the central problems with web development and invite you to join the debate on whether JavaScript can – and therefore should – be fixed or….avoided altogether (controversial, we know).
For those that haven’t stormed out by that point, we promise that we may actually proffer the answer: WebAssembly.

Still unsure? Well, give us a chance to convince you that it’s the future of web development before you cast your first stone. We promise that in less time than it takes to cook two Jamie’s 15-minute meals, our CTO Odhran will talk your ears off about it’s easy-as-pie usability, why you’ll want to get started straight away and most importantly, how to. Then, one of our front-end software engineers, Carlos Baraza will dazzle your eyes with his practical application demos, and excellent hair.
We got you there, didn’t we. Oh we didn’t? Fine. Then what if we told you that this iwomm event will include a food competition to finally determine who makes London’s best bao. You’ll have the opportunity to eat and cast your vote for either Bao Fitzrovia or Shackfuyu Soho.
So when is this exciting tech, tresses and tasting event again? IN TWO DAYS’ TIME. We’re at 80% capacity already, but there are still a few spots left for those that want to find out more, or just be fed. So, sign up for your free place here.

*Strictly need-to-know information*

  • Where: Just Eat , Fleet Place House, Fleet Pl, London EC4M 7RD
  • When: 5 July 2018
  • What time: 6.30pm onwards