101 Ways goes abroad: Codemotion 2018 and our Netherlands launch

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Codemotion 2018 is coming up in Amsterdam on 8 and 9 May and we’re very excited because it coincides with 101 Ways launching in the Netherlands. So we sat down with our very own incredible CTO Odhrán McConnell to get the lowdown on what the 101 Ways’ team will be doing at Codemotion and why the Netherlands is the perfect place to replicate the successes we’ve had in the UK.
Hi Odhrán, tell us a bit about your journey to become 101 Ways’ CTO?
I had been working at management level throughout my career, but took a step back and returned to engineering as I naturally gravitate towards creating things. However, when the Guardian later asked me to become Head of Engineering, it was too big an opportunity to turn down.
I moved across to 101 Ways as the Technical Director in 2017 and am now CTO. My management style is based on inspiring others. It’s my responsibility to put together the parameters for taking someone on with a ‘can do, will do’ attitude. Someone who is not just an engineer, but will continually ask questions, make suggestions and actively try to make things better for the client they’re placed with.
101 Ways is growing quickly in the UK and becoming wider known, why have you chosen Codemotion 2018 to launch your Netherlands branch?
Well, Codemotion is being hosted there this year so it seemed logical to coincide the two and because we know some great developers in Amsterdam and want to connect with them. It’s a great way to get to know the community as a whole and experience a ‘meeting of minds’.
So, why did 101 Ways choose the Netherlands for its expansion?
It’s part of our journey – we’re curious and want to see what the Netherlands has to offer while also helping bolster the software engineering talent pool. We feel that we have a lot to contribute to the market, but we first want to introduce ourselves and get to know people that are as excited about technology as we are.
What benefits will 101 Ways bring to the Netherlands technology market? 
We work in two spheres: leadership on the ground with engineers and upskilling. We have the ability to sniff out talent and we need the best engineers to continue being the best consultancy, so we’re willing to travel far and wide to find them! But it’s a two-way street; while we have a lot to give the community, we know we’ll get a lot out of it too and can learn and grow from this experience.
What will you be doing at Codemotion Amsterdam 2018?  
Our CEO Kelly Waters will be joining the CTO panel to discuss the ‘Evolution of the CTO’ –  looking at how the role has progressed, and I and one of our tech leads Mudi Ugbowanko, will be running the 101 Ways Serverless Lab on the first day of the conference.
Along with our consultant software engineers Diego Vazquez Nanini and Domas Lasauskas we’ll be teaching developers how to run serverless applications using live demos and offering our advice, tips and best practices on serverless issues. Because more than just talking, we’re keen to show people what we do, how we work and who we are.
To find out more about Codemotion and the 101 Ways Serverless Lab, click here or sign up here. To find out more about 101 Ways and how to join us, email Odhrán McConnell or Jamie North.