101 Ways Supports #LeaveYourMark Campaign for International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day 2019! We have an incredible crew of female employees and consultants here at 101 Ways – accomplished, successful and all round wonder women.  

Thanks to the #LeaveYourMark campaign, we want to ‘lift them up for the world to see’. So we rallied the troops and asked them to share what makes these women not only great to work with, but unique. And today we’re shouting loud and proud about them and their achievements. Because without these wonderful women, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. [From l to r]

Tamara – A true engineer who is passionate about delivering great work, as well as learning new and exciting things. Shilpa – makes a big impact working with teams and effecting change from the ground up, always with a smile and an encouraging word. Monica – Gets to the heart of problems and shows the empathy of a saint; sharing rainbows and unicorns with all she encounters. Kate – Gives any task her all – driving through with finding great people for tough roles (and for introducing us to Huxley). Ros – Leads by example and shows what real delivery looks like while always smiling and bringing people along with her. Nad’a – Amazing attention to detail and always aligned to the company vision. Emma – The coaches coach; brilliant at understanding the essence of people and helping them to help themselves. Rachel – A magician of the written word; helps craft the right message, as well as being ready with a smile and a hug. India – A kind, hard worker who’s always ready to learn. Hayley – This lady is a behind the scenes pro; always two steps ahead of everyone else and helping to keep putting people and clients first. Grace – A great work ethic, she won’t stop ‘til she gets things done and champions doing things the right way. Wendy – A master of her craft; a great listener and support to those that need it. Devon – A real team-player, her experience is unparalleled, and it shows in her delivery and communication with clients and teams alike. Ania – Lives and breathes the ‘people first’ philosophy; always wanting to learn how to be better at what she does. Annie – never shies away from being challenged, is a joy to be around and . someone you can rely on. And Ally Last, but by no means least, you can count on her to always bring a sense of fun and togetherness at 101 Ways.

Ladies; thank you one, thank you all!