Aldon Agile Manager Now On Windows

A little while ago, I blogged about Aldon’s new agile project management application – Aldon Agile Manager. They have just announced that it is now available on Windows, which is obviously great news for all those Windows teams out there! Below is a copy of their press release for the full story… Kelly. “Aldon today […]

The BIG Difference Between Agile Teams and Project Teams

Last week I ran an Agile Coach Training session in-house for a large Canadian organization. It was just myself and five other participants. We were discussing possible things to do if there is a person on an agile team who is not able to work effectively in that sort of environment. One “intervention” we discussed […]

Agile Retrospectives: A Primer

From time to time, I hear from people who aren’t realizing value from their retrospectives. When I probe to understand the situation, I understand why they aren’t getting results–the process they are using isn’t designed to actually help the team think, learn, and decide together. So here’s a primer for Agile Retrospectives, a process to […]