Lean Principle #7 – Optimise The Whole

The last of the 7 Key Principles of Lean Software Development is ‘Optimise The Whole‘. In their popular book, ‘Implementing Lean Software Development‘,  Mary and Tom Poppendieck explain that the software industry is legendary for its tendency to suboptimise.  They give two examples: Vicious circle number 1 A customer wants some new features ‘yesterday’. Developers […]

“The Easier It Is To Quantify, The Less It’s Worth”

This quote from Seth Godin (Linchpin, 2010), sparked my thinking about metrics and outcomes. It parallels what I’ve quipped in presentations, “I’d rather have a fuzzy measure of something important than a precise measure of something unimportant.” In Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations (1996) Rob Austin discusses the difference between desired outcomes and performance […]

Don’t mess with the team membership, redux

InfoQ picked up my post, Team Trap #1: Messing with the Membership, and contrasted it with Mike Cohn’s advice that a PO, manager or scrum master who observes that the team is too homogeneous might stick a couple of new team members to increase diversity on the team. I would  advise a different approach. First, […]