Scrum Master Tales–The Story of the Changing Needs

Caveat – given the way I’m writing this series occasionally things will happen out of order, i.e. I will be reminded of points I wish I had made earlier. John, Sue and the rest of the team have started another sprint this time they committed to fewer stories and part way through the sprint are […]

Technical Excellence in Scrum

Jeff Sutherland recently posted a message on the Scrum Development Yahoo Group regarding Scrum and Technical Debt.  Jeff mentioned why Scrum eschewed technical practices, specifically:
In 1995, Kent Beck asked me for everything on Scrum.  In a famous email he said he wanted to use everything he could and not reinvent the wheel.  The first Scrum team was doing all the XP practices in some form.  

Estimating a Full Backlog Based on a Sample of It

I want to address a question I was sent recently and that I get asked about once a month. The question has to do with how we estimate how many hours it will take to deliver a given product backlog if we have no historical data at all. My first bit of advice is always […]

The Gemba Walk

As part of a recent engagement, Bob Payne and I went to assess and coach a group of Agile teams out in Iowa. Each morning, we would arrive before the daily stand-ups. Each morning we walked around, listened in on conversations and got updates from th…