Intrinsic Motivation: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

I’ve always been a fan of Dan Pink.  His work on what really motivates people is very interesting.  He cites three major motivators that are intrinsic motivations, i.e. the things that really motivate us inside, beyond things like money and material benefits.  They are Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.  There’s a great video on YouTube that […]

The Team Effect

A while back, I posted a little mind map about business costs of a struggling team.  But what about the benefits of the team effect?  What does a business gain when teams thrive? © Esther for esther derby associates, inc., 2012. | Permalink | 11 comments | Add to Post tags: agile, management, teams

Governance – Friend or Foe?

We’re designing a session about governance in an agile world that will explore a contrarian view of what agile governance can be. It’s called: Governance – Friend or Foe? Basically…