2017 – An Amazing Year

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2017 has been an amazing year for 101 Ways.
We’ve grown quickly, reaching 70 people when just 18 months ago we were only 3 people.
What’s been the secret of our success?
There must be so many factors, but the biggest two things by far have been having great people – I mean really great people, some of the best in our industry – and also the special culture we are creating at 101 Ways.
All of our growth to this point has come from word of mouth.  And that’s because we have great people, doing a great job, forming part of great teams building great products.  Do a great job and people tell their friends.  I think it’s been that simple.
But, of course, doing a great job in the complex space of software product development and organisational transformation isn’t simple.  Not at all.  And that’s where the expertise and depth of experience of our people really counts.
So in 2017 we’ve grown based on doing 3 things really well:

  1. Advice – where we really try to get under the skin of a client’s problems and what they are trying to achieve, and we help them to take the next steps or get to the next level.
  2. Leadership – where we do as above, but provide full-time consultants in key leadership roles to help make it happen.  We have expertise in all areas of digital and agile and can provide people in leadership roles in tech, product and delivery, from team level right up to the boardroom.
  3. Popup Teams – where we go even further and build the product together with you.  We find that working as a joint team on-site with the client works best, and there’s nothing better than bringing the expertise in-house where we can help you to develop new capabilities at the same time as building new products.

Typically we have been all 3 things all-in-one, where our advice, leadership and teams complement each other and work in harmony to deliver great outcomes for our clients.
We’ve also managed to create a special culture for our consultants.  One where they enjoy a great deal of autonomy, yet at the same time always have the support and backup of 101 Ways leadership crew who have decades of experience to help with any more problematic situations.
We also have a great sense of community.  We have clubs where our people with a common interest get together to discuss key topics or latest thinking in order to learn from each other.  And our legendary socials, where every quarter we celebrate and bring all our people together for some fun!
So 2017 was a great year.  What’s next for 101 Ways in 2018?
One of our leadership crew said 2017 was such a great first year of growth, that 2018 will be like our awkward second album 🙂
We will continue to grow in London in 2018.  We have new clients already signed up for new 101 Ways teams to build some exciting new products with exciting new technology.  If you’re an agile developer with skills in node, REACT, .NET or Java, we need to hear from you!  Drop your CV to jobs@101ways.com.
We’ve just taken office space in Bristol and Amsterdam, to extend what we’re doing in the UK to a second city and to take what we’re doing into Europe.  We’re really excited to see how that works out.
Let’s hope 2018 isn’t our awkward second album but another series of smash hits 🙂
So that just leaves me to say a huge thank you to all our clients, our ever-growing group of fantastic consultants and our wonderful leadership crew that make it all happen.
Fingers crossed for next year!