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WTF is Networking? 3 Things to do to Avoid Anxiety at Events

by Rachel Murray, 05 November 2018

Networking is one of those buzzwords that doesn’t seem to be losing any traction. And as an activity that has been proven to bolster professional relationships, advance careers and increase job opportunities, that’s probably a good thing. Despite this, it remains about as popular as creepy crawly disposal / annual flu jabs / going to the dentist (sorry to all the nice ones).

Alicia Teagle, of S2 recruitment agency, herself a successful business woman (and serial networker) says: “I know I’ve considered using the ‘I’ve got to wash my hair’ excuse many times before.”

So, in preparation for our next WTF event on networking – originally titled ‘WTF…is networking?’ – we put it out to the WTF ladies and asked them how they face their anxiety head on and prepare for the other, (less fun) Big Day.  

Ignoring the many ‘prosecco helps!’ comments, here’s what they actually said:

  1. Two’s company – Whether its having a look at an event guest list or taking a friend / colleague / resident office do, going to a networking event with someone was the most common way for people to feel more confident about mingling with strangers.
  2. ‘Legal’ stalkingEmma Hopkinson-Spark, WTF’s Co-founder said that she likes to know as much as possible about where she’s going in order to keep her anxiety at bay: “Like borderline stalking. Thank goodness for Google earth, images etc.” She’s probably on a hitlist somewhere.
  3. Do your homework – Scrum Master Timea Molnar does her research beforehand and recommends learning more about the topic. This way you’ll be able to contribute and add value to any discussions on the day. Glasses to make you look more intelligent, optional.

So why not try putting these into practise and see how you get on?

If you still feel like you need further support then we’d love to see you at our next event on 15 November 2018 at 6pm at the JustEat offices.  Alicia will be giving some great tips on how to boost your self-confidence alongside professional community builder Samantha Hepburn, who’ll be talking about finding appropriate networks, conversation starters and following up.

Tickets are free so register now to reserve your place and avoid disappointment. Although our logo might look like it, we don’t bite (unless we’re hungry) and remember, we’re just as nervous as you are.

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