Our purpose is to improve and enrich people’s lives through technology.

We do this by helping technology leaders solve challenging problems and build great digital products.

We build great teams to build great products.

In our experience, many companies struggle to build high performing teams. At 101 Ways, we hand-pick the best individuals for a specific project. We build teams of highly skilled people who share our philosophy and values. We actively manage and support our people throughout the life of the project. We build great agile teams that work brilliantly together in order to build great digital products.

Our values




More human
ways of working.

We’re passionate about technology, but ultimately it’s the people that create and use the products that matter most.

Why choose 101 Ways?

Our name was inspired by the belief that there are many ways to do things and there isn’t one right way or ‘one size fits all’. What makes the difference is extraordinary people with tons of expertise and how well they work together. That’s what makes us us.
Bringing together industry-leading expertise, working in collaborative harmony, keeping things simple and focusing on quality, in order to solve your problems and help you build great digital products.