Agile 101: A New Agile Blog is Born

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Agile Project ManagementOne of my colleagues, Tara Whitaker, has started a new blog about agile software development and agile project management called Agile 101.

Tara’s role is Head of Programme Management. We have several teams doing agile development, so one of our challenges as a management team is agile programme management, i.e. how to manage the overall programme of work when teams are all doing agile.

One approach is Scrum of Scrums, but personally I think this approach suits large projects better than it suits a fragmented programme of work or a portfolio of projects, and on its own it’s certainly not enough.

Tara’s role has 3 halves 🙂 Managing the overall programme of work, Process improvement and improving the capability of the department, and Central product development for our large portfolio of web sites. Therefore her blog is focused on agile programme management, agile process improvement, and digital publishing.

Tara has only been blogging for a short while, but already she’s written some great posts on KPI’s and how to measure the effectiveness of agile software development. Take a look here at

She’s also put together a great concept, which she calls an Epic Board, for tracking the programme in a way that is true to the underlying agile principles. I’m hoping she might come and write a bit more about it here!

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