Women's Agile 101 Game Night


Time: 17:30pm – 19:30pm 
Date: Thursday 7th September
Where: WeWork, 145 City Rd, London EC1V 1AZ
Cost: Free

The Event:

The Agile 101 game is a team game designed for anyone who wants to learn more about agile ways of working. It gives you the chance play out real scenarios, and experience what it is like to to work in a tech team, without the need for coding. 

The game has been played by people from many backgrounds, but the rooms it’s played in are often dominated by male voices, so we wanted to dedicate a session to the women in our community. 

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How the Game was Inspired

Agile 101 was created by a woman and tested and developed with the help of her daughter’s school friends. The game is based on the idea that there is no clear right or wrong way to start working in an agile manner, but rather choices to be made in how we work together, organise, and communicate. This game gives people the opportunity to make those choices and observe the effects of their decisions in real time.

Meet your hosts

Emma and Inesa will be your hosts for the evening, and will be on hand to help facilitate the game play and answer any questions you may have.

Emma Hopkinson-Spark - Host

Chief of Staff at 101 Ways 

Emma is an award-winning agile professional, specialising in coaching and transformation in technology. She is the creator of the Agile 101 card game that allows players to experiment with real-world agile delivery strategies. Brand experience includes:


Inesa Stefanovica - Host

Talent Partner at 101 Ways

With a passion for technical recruitment and a focus on diversity and inclusion, Inesa is committed to building exceptional teams within software engineering and product development. With her extensive expertise and knack for finding the perfect match, she ensures that the company is equipped with top-tier talent to drive innovation and success. Brands she has recruited into includes:

What past game players have to say


“It changed leaderships perspective”


“It helped us find the right team size”


“It allowed us to finally embrace agile”