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In setting up this new Agile Forum, I’ve added some cool features that mean it’s already so much more than the forum I originally intended. So I’ve changed the name to Agile Community.

The features now include:

  • Forum – have discussions with your peers and get answers from the community
  • News – share links and vote for the ones you like (ala Digg)
  • Groups – set up your own groups, for instance local or topic based groups
  • Events – list agile events and see who’s attending
  • Blogs – enter your own blog posts and share your thoughts with the community
  • Twitter – keep track of tweets about agile
  • Videos – share yours or other people’s videos from YouTube
  • Photos – share photos of your team or events
  • Members – find and communicate with other members of the community

Hopefully we will manage to get this Agile Community going; I’m hoping it can offer so much more than a straightforward forum!

We have 80 members already, which I think is pretty good considering it’s only been live for a few days and we’re still in the new year holidays. But its success will obviously depend entirely on your participation, so please go ahead and sign up, start a discussion, list an event, share news, write a blog post, or whatever captures your imagination! One action from everyone and it should be a lively and interesting place for us all to help others and learn from each other.

Finally, if you’ve already signed up and haven’t already added your photo, please go ahead and do so. If this is going to be a real community – a community of real people helping others with similar interests – it’s so much better to put a face to a name…

Happy new year!