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At last – Agile Daily loves me after all 🙂

Agile Daily is a daily digest of agile blogs, with a computer-generated ranking engine to work out which blogs are getting the most attention on a given day.

The number of visitors to my blog has been growing steadily since I started it nearly a year ago now.

And yet, for some reason Agile Daily has never really acknowledged me.

I know my blog is getting several times more traffic than some blogs it has recommended before, because I’ve talked to other bloggers in the agile blogosphere. And even when I’ve had spikes in my traffic, like the time I got a massive spike from being picked up by lifehacker, Agile Daily still seemed to ignore me.

But being the kind of confident (egotistical) person I am, I assumed their ranking engine must be wrong 🙂

Anyway, finally they have acknowledged my blog, and I was delighted to see at the time of writing I’m listed fourth in the blogs with the most attention today.

Agile Daily, and all the people reading my blog, happy valentines to you too 🙂