Agile Development: The Naked Truth!

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Just over a week ago now, I did a 60 minute keynote presentation at the Agile Business Conference in London. The theme of the conference was ‘Agile Development: The Naked Truth!’

In keeping with that theme, my presentation was called IPC Media: The Naked Truth. My aim was to highlight some of the challenges of implementing agile methods and to explain exactly what we did to implement agile successfully at IPC Media (one of the UK’s largest publishers of consumer magazines and web sites).

Since the conference was in London, and readers of my blog are based all over the world, I thought it might be a good idea to repeat the presentation as a webinar, as a way to give everyone a chance to see and hear it.

As well as delivering the presentation, I thought I would also allow 30 minutes for Q&A, so people on the webinar can interact and get answers to some of their own questions.

There is a cost for me to do this, so I would like to charge people who would like to attend. I was thinking of $25, which I hope would not put too many people off, since the presentation is crammed full of useful information – not only about some of the key concepts of agile, but also about some of the things that ideally need to be done to effect organisational change when adopting agile.

Before I go ahead and commit to it, I’d really like to gauge the level of interest. Please can you tell me what you think by clicking on the poll below: