'Agile Executive' – workshop with Kelly Waters on 28 Sep 2015

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Hi everyone,
I recently ran my first ever public workshop – a 1 day workshop called ‘Agile Executive’ which focuses on topics to help managers and executives that are embarking on or part of an agile transformation. I am running another session on 28th September – details below…
‘Agile Executive’
Creating an organisation that is fast moving, dynamic and more customer centric.
A 1 day workshop with Kelly Waters – an award winning exponent of agile methods and an experienced executive that has led multiple agile transformations in large and complex organisations.
Central London
28 September 2015
£1k + VAT
The purpose of this workshop is to introduce managers and executives to the key principles and practices of agile methods to help them understand what it takes to lead or be part of a successful transformation to an agile organisation.
Agenda: 6 crucial aspects of a successful agile transformation:
1. Vision – establishing the need for change
2. Principles – fostering an agile friendly culture
3. Practices – putting agile principles into practice
4. Structure – organising for agility; creating high performance teams
5. Leadership – exuding agile principles
6. Scaling Up – tackling common challenges in larger organisations
The ideal attendees of this workshop are managers and executives in technology, project management, product management and business leaders.
Places are limited – click here to book or email me at kelly@101ways.co.uk if you need to pay via a different method or need more information.
About Kelly
Kelly Waters is an independent consultant and interim executive specialising in digital development and agile methods. Kelly started his award winning blog about agile methods back in 2007 and since then ‘All About Agile’ has become one of the most popular and widely read agile blogs on the web.  His business – 101 Ways – is a small London-based consultancy providing leadership and expertise in the areas of agile transformation, programme delivery and digital growth.