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Damon Poole (who blogs at Do It Yourself Agile) and Kristine Englert from AccuRev have pulled together an agile glossary, to help people come to terms with the ever-growing array of jargon and terminology we use in the agile community.

You can see it here: Agile Glossary

I think it’s a really nice piece of work and I’m sure that all sorts of people will find it interesting and useful, especially those that are newer to agile methods.

The only negative point I would make, is not about their glossary, but about the fact that we need one.

If a key premise of agile methods is to keep things simple, we sure do like making things sound more complicated than they really are!

I wouldn’t mind writing an alternative glossary that provides plain English synonyms for all of our agile jargon.  Maybe I’ll do that!  I’d love to think that as a community we could cut out all the commercial and technical labels we use, and just talk in words that everyone already understands…