“Agile is a Hoax” – Does That Make Me An Alien?

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I can’t believe it.

There I was, happily practicing agile principles. Enjoying a wide variety of very clear benefits as a direct result of implementing Scrum.

Then along came ‘Anonymous’ and commented on my blog…

According to Anonymous, “Agile is a Hoax”.

At first I was offended. I didn’t like being called a Hoaxer. I thought I should remove the comment from my blog at once.

And then I thought it through…

What is the intellectual capacity of a person who writes a comment like this?

Please don’t get me wrong…

I don’t think agile development is the answer to world poverty.

I don’t even think it’s the answer to all software development projects in all scenarios.

However I do think it has a lot of advantages to offer when the circumstances are right.

Anonymous didn’t even have the courtesy to leave their name.

Anonymous didn’t say “I don’t like Agile because…”, or “I’ve found Agile doesn’t work because…”, or “I prefer waterfall because…”.

No, none of that.

Anonymous just said “Agile is a Hoax”.

To me, this is like a sulky school kid kicking the ball away when losing a game of football. Or throwing their toys when losing a game.

So I decided to leave the comment as it is. I decided to treat it with the contempt it deserves. And perhaps to see how others respond to it.

On the other hand, I’ve probably given it too much credit already, by writing this post 🙂

To see the original article that inspired Anonymous to share their wisdom with us, click here: “10 good reasons to do Agile Development“.