Agile Scaling Model (ASM) White Paper

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 I'm pleased to announce that my newest white paper, The Agile Scaling Model (ASM): Adapting Agile Methods for Complex Environments is now available.  The white paper addresses several key issues:

  1. It provides and explains a definition for disciplined agile delivery.
  2. It describes criteria to determine is a team is agile.
  3. It describes the ASM, which distinguishes between core agile development techniques, disciplined agile delivery strategies, and agility at scale.
  4. It overviews the eight scaling factors which a delivery team may face, scaling factors which motivate changes in the process that you will follow and the tools that you will adopt.
  5. It describes the implications of the ASM.
  6. It argues that you should strive to be as agile as you need to be, and that will be driven by the situation that you face.

I hope you find the white paper interesting. 

In early 2010 a follow up white paper for executives will be published, and then following that a white paper going into the detailed implications of agility at scale.  Please stay tuned for further announcements.

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