Agile Training Courses with me, Kelly Waters

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Hi all,

I’ve recently gone self-employed as an interim exec. Apart from doing interim management & consulting engagements, part of my plan is to start offering public agile training courses.  Initially I have 2 courses and I’m keen to get your feedback about whether you’re interested in either.  Details below…

1. “All About Agile” – Becoming Agile (2 days)

A comprehensive and highly interactive 2 day course ‘all about agile’, covering all the major agile principles and practices from Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, etc.  Aimed at managers, team leaders, project managers, product managers, development managers, potential Scrum Masters, or any team member working as part of an agile team and wanting to understanding the principles and practices better.

The course has 8 modules:

  • Agile Principles & Overview of Practices
  • Agile Teams
  • Agile Requirements (Discovery, User Stories, etc)
  • Agile Estimating & Planning
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Quality
  • Scaling Agile Up
  • Q&A

By the end of this course, I would expect you to understand agile enough to start adopting the principles and practices in your own team and projects and be able to facilitate and lead your team’s first agile experience.  For those that are already doing agile or have some experience of agile, I would expect my unique insight and experience to deepen your understanding enough that you feel far more confident and can start to improve and optimise your team’s approach in order to get better results.

2. “Agile Executive” – Agile Transformation for Leaders

An intensive 1 day course for senior managers, directors and executives.  It covers agile principles, an overview of the key practices, and shares my practical experience of what it really takes to transform an organisation to becoming more agile, having done that for multiple organisations now.  It covers:

  • Agile Vision/Imperative – why go agile, benefits of agile, and the need for a different approach in the 21st Century.
  • Agile Principles – what is agile, agile principles & values, organisational culture – see the principles in action in an interactive experience.
  • Agile Practices – overview of agile practices and another practical interactive experience.
  • Agile Structure – organisational structure, people, agile teams, changing roles & responsibilities.
  • Agile Tools & Technology – overview of technical practices (from a non-technical perspective).
  • Agile Leadership – how leadership style is different in agile, 10 things executives need to do differently with agile.
  • Agile Transformation – where to start, high level framework.


I don’t have dates in the diary just yet, but if you’re interested in registering your interest in either of these training courses, please let me know by email on  If you’re not aware of my background, please check out my LinkedIn profile.