AgileRoots is Happening NOW!

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Hear Ye Hear Ye, The 2nd annual AgileRoots conference is underway and already we have heard incredible keynotes from Diana Larsen and Jeff Patton. The conference in all is just shy of 300 registrants and people have traveled from all over the world to be in attendance.

I am especially proud to present in the main hall on June 15th at 2:45 PM on facilitating Agile Meetings - Eliminating Waste from Agile Meetings. Given all of the presentations I have heard so far, the theme building great software is really resonating well with the attendees and it is almost as if the speakers collaborated on many topics. What is especially exciting is seeing that people involved really do get it! I am certain we will post more details from this conference very soon.

Part 2 of our session is regarding the recent SQE conference in Las Vegas.

The Agile Development Practices Conference in Las Vegas was nothing less than excellent! The crowd was huge, (nearly 700), and people were really hungry for information about how they could improve their Agile Development Practices. I had a great chance to conduct a session to a standing room only crowd on managing and eliminating technical debt.
What was most interesting is the level at which people engaged and were eager to share their own personal experiences with regard to topics they are tackling. More details about my presentation and a PDF of the deck will be uploaded at a later time to SlideShare.
On a side note, as the Agile community continues to grow and improve, so does AgileDad. We did not go Dark on you, we have tons of valuable information that we are trying to better organize to make this site easier to follow and use. Keep your eyes open and as always, we would LOVE your feedback!

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