Aldon Agile Manager Now On Windows

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A little while ago, I blogged about Aldon’s new agile project management application – Aldon Agile Manager.

They have just announced that it is now available on Windows, which is obviously great news for all those Windows teams out there!

Below is a copy of their press release for the full story…


“Aldon today announced its free agile project management application, Aldon Agile Manager™ is now available for desktops running Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit versions) or on a Windows Server running Windows Server 2008 (32-bit). Aldon Agile Manager is part of Aldon’s total Agile ALM solution focused on helping companies bring agile into their business at a pace that’s right for them, whether they are going all in, starting small, or taking a hybrid approach.

Built to help IT departments improve the management of agile projects with better planning, prioritizing, and collaboration, Aldon Agile Manager automates many of the manual processes that often occur with agile development, starting with backlog management.  It is flexible. It’s customizable. It’s easy to use. It evolves and adjusts as an organization’s agile needs evolve and adjust.  It is also unique in that it’s the market’s first community-built agile project management application truly taking the “designed by you, built for you” approach, making the backlog completely open to its users.

Available as a free download at, Aldon Agile Manager users will continue to have a direct impact on future product units through continuous feedback and active participation in the Aldon agileBuzz community.

Aldon Agile Manager for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32-bit versions) and Windows Server running Windows Server 2008 (32-bit) is available immediately.  For more information on Aldon, visit

About Aldon

Aldon is an agile company that bridges the gap between business and IT and simplifies complex IT projects.  We provide you with the ability to easily view and run reports on backlogs, statuses, and project priorities that are essential to Agile. Aldon automates the workflow so that backlog items, task assignments and approval requests are routed to the right people and requirements are checked off.  Aldon solutions gives you all the visibility and information you need to make decisions about deploying resources and assessing the return on your IT projects, keeping business users and IT tighter than ever before.  We have more than 1,300 companies of every size, in every industry, throughout the world using our products- from service desk to application development to network operations.”