‘All About Agile’ Not In Top 200 Agile Blogs

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Over on AgileScout, Peter Saddington has compiled and published a list of his top 200 agile blogs.   Of course it’s highly debatable, but personally I think it’s a really outstanding piece of work and I’m sure it was a huge amount of effort.

Sadly, though, All About Agile isn’t on it.

When I first moved my site to WordPress, I accidentally generated duplicate emails and as a result I was temporarily removed from Pete’s list of 800 or more blogs!  Trouble is, I was never added back in, so it seems I was overlooked this time around.

That’s a shame, because naturally I’m very competitive and I would have been curious about how Peter’s algorithm ranked me.  Oh well, I’ll just have to convince myself that I would have been number 1 if I was included 🙂

I’ve sent Pete my stats, maybe he’ll do an update.  Now I’m not sure I want him to.  What if he includes my stats and I’m still not on it.  Yikes!


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