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I’ve been writing this blog for about 6 months now…

“What?!”, I hear you say, “You’ve been writing for 6 months and all you’ve come up with is this lousy blog!!”.

Well, I do have a day job you know 🙂

In that time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised about how popular my blog has become. So I thought I’d post this list of my top 10 most-visited posts for any late-comers…

1. 10 Key Principles of Agile Software Development
2. A sad indictment of the software development industry
3. 10 key principles… PowerPoint presentation
4. Disadvantages of agile software development
5. Most IT projects fail. Will yours?
6. 10 good reasons to do agile development
7. Agile principle #8: Enough’s enough
8. Why most IT projects fail. And how agile principles help
9. Agile principle #1: Active user involvement is imperative
10. How to prioritise quickly and intuitively

Hopefully my next 10 will be just as popular 🙂

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