An Interview with Kevin Gaskell: How to go from ordinary to extraordinary

A conversation with Kevin Gaskell: business man, leader, investor, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and record-breaking adventurer.

Kevin Gaskell
Kevin Gaskell

“All ordinary people have the potential to be extraordinary”

Occasionally you meet someone truly inspirational. Extraordinary, even. Kevin Gaskell is certainly one of those people. He’s led some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini. He’s started successful businesses. Invested in businesses. Turned around struggling businesses. He’s a Chairman and Non-Exec Director for multiple companies. He speaks around the world on business, leadership and building great teams. He’s written a book. Played international cricket. Plays in a rock band for fun. He’s walked to the South Pole and North Pole, twice. He’s climbed some of the world’s highest mountains. More recently he’s completed an unsupported row across the Atlantic, breaking a world record at age 60. I think we can all agree, that’s extraordinary.

Kevin Gaskell on Atlantic row
Kevin Gaskell on his record-breaking unsupported row across the Atlantic

Kevin says that a lot of his success in life and business is due to vision, belief and commitment. Knowing where you want to go. Belief that it can be done. And commitment to actually do it. Kevin believes that all people have the potential to be extraordinary. His work is about unlocking that potential in businesses. Helping people to believe in a vision, believe in themselves and believe that together they can achieve extraordinary things.

In this interview, Kevin talks about his adventures; he has some amazing stories to tell! He also talks about business and leadership and how the lessons from his life-threatening adventures translate into practical ways to improve performance at work and in business. Watch the video below to learn more about how you can tap into some of these philosophies to achieve your goals.

Enjoy the interview!

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