Speed in Software Development

How to deliver more value faster? I’m constantly thinking about speed in software development. This article is a result of my thoughts. I built a model that describes all obvious and complex dependencies between software development practices and briefly analysed this model. I hope you will find something new and enjoy the read. “Every single […]

Software Development: Fast and Slow.

How to use ideas from the great book by Daniel Kahneman Thinking, Fast and Slow. Recently I read a fascinating book by Daniel Kahneman Thinking, Fast and Slow. It has tons of insights. Every chapter was a discovery. I learned so many new things. I work in a software development company. It’s quite natural to […]

Product Software Development is a Marathon

Most people like short things: short tasks, short emails, learn-how-to-program-java-in-24-hours books, lose-weight-in-a-month video guides. Modern society is cursed by impatience and time pressure. Information flows hit us from all sides and we just can’t resist. We spend more and more time on shorter and shorter things. Software development demands focus. You can’t create anything significant […]

Software Development: Specialize or Generalize?

Now here’s a good topic for discussion. Many years ago we were hiring software developers as such. For the most part, they were good at their job, but not all of them.  Me, personally, and all my teammates back from these times – we were writing in any language. Something needs to be done in […]

Faster. Faster. Faster.

I’ve been thinking about  the influences that might affect the team’s velocity recently. Every single product owner wants to have features delivered as soon as possible. It may seem that this race for a better velocity is the wrong goal and can lead to the ugly “Work faster, basterds!” solution. But that’s not the case in […]

Flow. Discover Problems and Waste in Kanban – 2 Years Later

Almost 2 years ago I published the Flow. Discover Problems and Waste in Kanban post. The idea was quite simple: visualize the flow of a single user story or bug, and track their life cycle to Done: You can spot such problems like delays and re-work very fast this way: Now we’ve brought this idea to life. […]

Productive Meetings: 1, 3, many

Do you know how to run a really productive meeting? I don’t. I’m learning and run meetings with various success so far. Recent insight is related to meeting group size. Let’s evaluate various sizes and extract strong and weak sides. Presentation If you have hundreds of people all you can do as a single group […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Estimating User Stories

1. You don’t waste time on estimation Estimation takes time. Even if you do planning poker and use story points, it still takes time. What do you do to improve estimation accuracy? You gather some data, analyze the data and discuss the results. You are spending time on all that. But are you sure that […]

How We Hire Developers

Hiring is hard. It really is. There are not so many talented and smart developers in the world, but there are lots of inexperienced, boring, exhausted developers. Surprisingly, so many developers can’t even provide a decent architecture of a simple system! I don’t know how a person with 5 years experience can’t create basic designs, […]

The Lean Team

Why do teams gel? Why some teams are trustful, enthusiastic and passionate; while other teams are apathetic and boring? There is no recipe to build a great team. You can’t add 5 grams of trust, 3 grams of fire, pour in some communication and boil till ready.
Why we need teams at all?
Working Alone
Team adds some […]