Outcomes // How to become a more data-driven organisation

In our article “How to become a more data-driven organisation”, we touched on Outcomes, and in order to be a more data-driven organisation we need to start at the end – i.e. where do we want to be, and how do we measure our success on that journey. In the article, we wrote about the […]

7 things to Help Onboard People onto Remote Teams

While onboarding new starters onto remote teams may feel like a big or risky job, it’s actually not that different from onboarding in-person. It may require a little more preparation and planning, but the  themes are still the same: Ensure the right people are joining the team Provide context for the project and information on […]

The Challenge of an Unclear or Miscommunicated Vision

As we help companies through complex periods of transformation, I wanted take a deep dive into the concept of ‘vision’, previously touched upon by Kelly Waters. Particularly exploring how it plays a key role in helping people understand the link between the change and a company’s success or survival. Why is vision needed? Every startup […]

4 steps to solving issues in projects

In many different projects and organisations, I’ve seen people struggle with techniques on how to solve issues without creating huge issue registers that weigh down the project and takes an inordinate amount of time to manage, resulting in the actual problems often not getting the attention they deserve. There are lots of agile techniques for […]