Bring on 2010! – Happy New Year!

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As we usher in the New Year, I felt it appropriate to thank all of those who have continued to support AgileDad, and Agile in general throughout the years!

Although I do not hold a crystal ball, there are a few things I can promise you for 2010:

1) The Agile Mentor Newsletter will continue to be the leading free source for Agile information and will be delivered monthly as it always has been!

2) As Agile continues to morph and evolve, you have my word that the latest topics will be posted here and I will continue to reach out and support all of those who continue to support the Agile Community.

3) The Agile Dad book will be completed in 2010! It has been a long time coming, but the framework is in place and the content is being written.

4) I will continue to speak at as many conferences as allowed, and contribute to this community in any way I can!

5) I will attend as many of the SLC Agile Roundtable sessions as possible! I feel like the more thought leaders we can get in one place, the greater the contribution.

6) Many businesses have asked me to come out and share secrets to Agile success! I will continue to support local organizations as much as time will allow by doing these one day sessions!

7) I would like to attend as many Agile / Scrum user groups as possible in the towns I visit in my travels! If you would like to have me visit your user group, let me know!

8) I will make a concerted effort to focus on my family! At times I let the travel and work get the best of me. I need to assure them that I will always be here as their AgileDad!

9) I am going to attempt to post at minimum one blog post per week! This will keep me busy and keep the ideas fresh and flowing.

10) I will strive to do my absolute best to contribute to all of you in any way that I can!

This is a steep hill to climb, but I am confident that with your support it will all be possible! Other items to look for in 2010 include the AgileDad Website and a new Agile Definition Document to help teams who are just getting started understand the lingo!

I wish all of you a safe and festive New Year Celebration and look forward to a prosperous 2010!

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