Calling All Agile Bloggers: Post Your Links Here!

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As a blogger myself, I know how hard it can be to get links to your blog, and to attract visitors to your site. Promoting your blog posts in some ways is as hard as writing them! The new Agile Community I have just set up has a News section designed for sharing links with the community.

In this section, you can post links to your blog posts and share them with this growing community. Apart from highlighting your blog post to the community, this will also allow you to create links to your site, which of course will ultimately help you with your Google ranking.

Go ahead and post your links. As long as you don’t post them in the discussions area, and as long as they are about some aspect of agile development, it will not be seen as spam and should be a useful way for you to promote your content and for the community to find interesting points of view to help inform their thinking.