Going live across 200 countries with Dazn

Industry: Sports Broadcasting
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About Dazn

DAZN is a London-based sports media company and unicorn startup valued at over £3bn. It is an over-the-top subscription sports streaming service which shows live and on-demand streaming of sporting events.

Founded in 2016, DAZN first launched in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Japan in August 2016 before expanding to Canada in 2017, the US and Italy 2018 and then Spain and Brazil in early 2019 – with a further 200 countries to follow in 2020-2021.

In October 2019, DAZN had the highest-grossing sports-related mobile app in terms of worldwide revenue on application storefronts.

“From start to ‘see ya next time’, working with 101 Ways was great. There was no sales period, immediately they were an extension of our internal teams; asking the right questions and taking the right long term approach. They brought in high quality teams, fast; investing time to match our culture. All of this when we were under pressure to move quicker, they didn’t slow us down; they helped us accelerate.” Warren Leigh SVP Delivery, DAZN

The Challenge

DAZN had two ambitious goals – to disrupt the global sports streaming industry and be live across 200 countries within two years and partnered with 101 Ways.

To enable disruption to its main competitors – Sky Sports, BT Sport, ESPN, NBC, and Eurosport – DAZN needed to scale their platform to allow for global rollout by end-2020. The company needed help to move away from the monolith previously built by various third parties onto a new scalable serverless, micro-frontend architecture on Amazon Web Services.

DAZN also needed help to set up a new development centre in Amsterdam and to create successful ways of working between the various development locations.

Finally, DAZN also wanted to find a way to support almost 30 TV platforms as it would have been too expensive/convoluted to build native apps for each platform.

The Solution

Within 2-weeks, 101 Ways quickly placed the first 10 consultants to seed five new high-performing cross-functional teams, enabling DAZN to rapidly scale and accelerate delivery – with all 35 consultants on-site within 9-10 weeks.

The initial focus was to build out the MyAccount, Contact Us, and Help sections of the platform and to start the process of reducing the reliance and cost of Salesforce.
101 Ways also provided consultants to work on the porting of the web application to other platforms such as Samsung TV, PlayStation, Amazon Fire Stick and more.

By building the core functionalities into common code repositories and optimising the orchestrator layer, 101 Ways was able to reduce the amount of work needed for each platform and helped speed up the user experience.

101 Ways partnered with DAZN to launch their new development centre in Amsterdam with two cross-functional engineering teams that helped to recruit permanent teams and set the ways of working with the teams in London.

Finally, 101 Ways helped to shape the centralised SRE team that supported the tech organisation to improve technical platforms and deployment processes.

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