Unifying teams and clarifying business goals for international food delivery company

Industry: Food Tech

How we helped: Product Delivery, Teams

Key Takeaways

The pre-production tooling has saved the company thousands of pounds a year in AWS costs

 Mobile and Marketing Attribution system enabled the company’s marketing team to improve efficiency of spend

The Restaurant Performance Dashboard received the 2017 UX UK Award for Best Effect on Business Goals

About The Company

This online food delivery company connects tens of millions of customers with over 580,000 local restaurants through its various in-country websites and apps. The company currently operates across Europe, Australasia, North America, South America and Israel.

The company facilitates the online ordering, payment and increasingly, fulfilment of orders. It utilises a hybrid model which builds on its marketplace heritage with logistics capability. This model ensures consumers have the widest possible variety of restaurants to order from.

Founded in the early 2000s, they led the charge for over a decade leading to successful mergers, with revenue currently over €2 billion per annum. Despite the success, however, the company faces continued threat from competitors in multiple markets.

“Few markets have grown as fast in recent times as the food delivery market, a trend that accelerated further during the recent pandemic, as millions of people in lockdown ordered food online for the first time. 101 Ways helped this online food delivery company proof its internal process so that it can continue to lead an innovate long into the future.”

Michael Seipp
Director, 101 Ways 

The Challenge

As the company grew exponentially, the technical capabilities of its legacy platform, the fragility of restaurant performance and its existing logistics solutions were not able to support the scale needed for its expected future growth.

Whilst the online food delivery company’s engineering team already had a long list of priorities, demands on their time were increasing. Although the work being requested was valuable, it was never as important or urgent as the priorities at the top of the list, so ending up going stale.

“Whilst they were unable to increase the size of their engineering team, they did have available budget to get the work done,” explained Michael Seipp, Director, 101 Ways. 101 Ways held discovery sessions with stakeholders and internal technology teams to understand what would be most valuable for a dedicated team of 101 Ways consultants to deliver.

The Solution

Once several discrete pieces of work had been defined and scoped, 101 Ways put together three cross-functional teams of consultants to build, deliver to production and later hand over the new products to the company’s internal teams. The project included:

  • A new Restaurant Performance Dashboard product for the company’s restaurant partners to understand their user ratings and performance and what they could do to improve
  • Marketing attribution so that the company could understand where its marketing budget was making the biggest return on investment (ROI)
  • Tooling to manage pre-production environments better

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