Increasing property listings and leads within the property marketplace

Industry: Real Estate
How we helped: Product Delivery, Teams, Leadership and Capability

Key Takeaways

A shift in focus from outputs to business outcomes

Created the vital link between strategy, objectives and initiatives

In-house teams can now work on cross-team initiatives collaboratively

About The Company

Founded in the early 2000, this property marketplace has been regarded as the leading prosperity marketplace in Switzerland, with more than nine million visits per month and over 110,000 properties currently on offer.

At its headquarters in Zurich, as well as its additional offices in Switzerland, the company’s experts work in the areas of digital real estate marketing and financing. In addition to product development, website development, database management, and sales and marketing initiatives.

Together with the Zürcher Kantonalbank, this marketplace offers an online mortgage available everywhere in Switzerland.

“Our goal was to become a more outcome-focused organisation. 101 Ways has helped us
accelerate this transformation. Its consultants worked with and supported our teams to find the
best way forward together.”

Chief Technology Officer, Online Property Marketplace 

The Challenge

To maintain its position as market leader, the online marketplace and financing provider wanted to increase its property listings and customer leads. It had kicked off several large initiatives around property uploading, billing, data services and user accounts. However, all needed support and further refinement.

The company had already tripled its in-house product and engineering teams over the past two years to around 50 people in a drive to work more effectively. However, it felt its legacy platform was stifling progress so wanted to migrate to a more modern serverless-based architecture.

“The company needed support to make sense of all the work going on, how to organise itself around delivering the most value, while also migrating away from the legacy platform,” explained Mike Dixon, Director, 101 Ways.

The Solution

After an initial assessment, it became clear that the company needed to improve the collaboration between teams and business units to increase the speed of product delivery.

“101 Ways recommended an approach consisting of leadership coaching, delivery management, and technical capability across the various teams to support them achieve their goals,” commented Dixon. “As a result, we provided eight experienced consultants. Four
with specialist data leadership and data engineering experience, three with proven modern software engineering experience and one who specialised in agile delivery.”

Throughout, 101 Ways provided ongoing technical leadership coaching and support across the organisation. It also facilitated several agile ceremonies and workshops, in addition to supporting the company to create increased clarity of its quarterly planning cadence at every level – company, business unit, and team. This led to a more open and sharing culture across the whole organisation – not just in engineering.

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