Modernising and centralising a multinational retail group’s website to remain competitive

Industry: Retail
How we helped: Assessment, Delivery Leadership, Product Leadership, and Delivery Teams

Key Takeaways


Uplift in revenue due to performance enhancements 


ROI within 12 months of building new API layer 

About the Multinational Retail Group

This British-based, multinational retail group, headquartered in London, was made up of some of the most iconic British brands and well-known high street brands. 

At its peak, the retail group controlling over 10% of the UK clothing retail market, employing thousands of staff. It operated in well over 2,000 outlets in the UK, as well as numerous concession stands across department stores and franchises that operated internationally.

“We are proud of the work we did for this multinational retail group. It was a widespread project that lent on our extensive retail experience to support the delivery of a new platform, increase development speed and help improve the group’s ways of working for the better.”

Mike Dixon
Director, 101 Ways 

The Challenge

Due to the widespread technological disruption of the retail market over the past decade, the retail group had faced a decrease in store footfall. It, therefore, needed to modernise and centralise the groups websites so that it could better rival online competitors. Further, it wanted to build upon its in-house capabilities and promote agile ways of working to improve its omnichannel customer experience. 

It had transformed its mobile site successfully in 2016, however this had led to over confidence. There was a loss of key staff and a misunderstanding of the scope and completing of the processing stages. “Unfortunately, relationships didn’t exist with decision-makers nor did the onsite team possess the capability to deploy the scale of changes required. As a result, both delivery time and quality had suffered,” explained Mike Dixon, Director, 101 Ways.

The Solution

The retail group partnered with 101 Ways to fix the technical and team issues, in addition to helping deliver desktop transformation.
101 Ways commended by conducting a discovery over eight weeks and assessing the prospective programme of work. This led to iterative planning that included providing two additional full-stack and cross-functional engineering teams of product manager, business analysts, senior engineer and user experience (UX) people.

“Teams were scaled internally to increase engineering maturity and restructured to be smaller, self-organising and co-located to improve sprint cycles and increase release cadence,” added


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