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Conversations with the Crew: Meet Joshua Philpott

by Rachel Murray, 24 July 2019

Turn’s out we’re an office of secretly talented techies – from a rock singer via a hand-skateboarder (it’s a thing) to a diablo juggler. But we didn’t want to stop there so in June we decided to add a former professional footballer to the mix. Apparently Beckham was busy – something about buying some land […]

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What Peter Andre Taught Me About My Anxiety

by Michael Seipp, 14 June 2019

I’ve suffered with anxiety throughout most of my life, but it wasn’t until a decade ago that I even knew that’s what it was. And oddly, I have Peter Andre to thank for that. While it would be fair to assume that another chart comeback post-Insania / A Whole New World remake is enough to […]

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Management, Anxiety and Feeling Like an Imposter

by Ally Mitchell, 16 May 2019

My mother calls me several times during the day and when I answer it’s usually to tell me about the latest Duchess of Sussex gossip or something silly my brother has done. And yet every time I have to say the same thing: “Mum, I’m at work, I can’t talk now”. I guess it’s funny […]

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WTF is Networking – Why You Should ‘Just Do It’

by 101 Ways, 30 April 2019

Remember how Beyoncé could help you network? Well according to professional community builder and speaker at our last WTF event Samantha Hepburn, so can the slogans of global sports brands. In terms of excuses, Sam has heard them all, from the clichéd (and mistaken!) ‘I have nothing to offer’ to the more nuanced fears that come […]

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WTF Stand Up – Why Women Should Share Their Stories

by Emma Hopkinson-Spark, 07 March 2019

Not everyone knows this about me, but when I first left school as a teenager I became a professional musician. I was a singer and bass guitarist, playing covers and gigging five nights a week. It was fun, hard work and gave me more transferable skills than I gave it credit for. I can carry […]

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Conversations with the Crew: Meet David Laing

by Rachel Murray, 28 February 2019

When I meet David for our interview, he’s extolling the virtues of DIY haircuts to Annie, the office manager. The night before, he’d cut his son’s fringe (“A tangible improvement!”) with the kitchen scissors and was offering to do the same for her in the future, after she’d already spent five of her finest English […]

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Conversations with the Crew – Meet Julian Horwood

by Rachel Murray, 13 February 2019

On January 2nd, we all bundled back into the office with a smile, a renewed sense of vigour and a lot of coffee. One person walked in with all that and two polo shirts on. That person was our newest recruit – Julian Horwood. A former Google-r (as in ’employed by’, rather than simply ‘user […]

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