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Conversations with the Crew: Meet Sanneke Ringeling

by Rachel Murray, 09 November 2018

The second fantastic member of our Netherlands’ team (and arguably the most smiley), is Sanneke Ringeling.  Tasked with managing the 101 Ways brand and communities: IWOMM, WTF, CTOZone and HOP Together, it would be an understatement to say Sanneke has a busy few months ahead of her. Luckily, that also involves at least three Christmas […]

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WTF is Networking? 3 Things to do to Avoid Anxiety at Events

by Rachel Murray, 05 November 2018

Networking is one of those buzzwords that doesn’t seem to be losing any traction. And as an activity that has been proven to bolster professional relationships, advance careers and increase job opportunities, that’s probably a good thing. Despite this, it remains about as popular as creepy crawly disposal / annual flu jabs / going to […]

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Conversations with the Crew – Meet Sander Hoogendoorn

by Rachel Murray, 16 October 2018

In case you were lying under a rock somewhere and missed it, 101 Ways has crossed the North Sea and ventured to the beautiful, diverse city of Amsterdam. A hub of hot tech talent and a thriving market (plus LOTS of cheese) meant it was the perfect place to set up our second home. But […]

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What’s it like to intern at 101 Ways? Fun, and an actual game.

by Rachel Murray, 20 September 2018

This is the first time I have written something like this – other than my driving instructor’s review – so here goes… My name is Joshua Spunner; I am 17 and studying for my A-levels in Maths, Computer Science and Economics. Like many other (hopeful) engineers in the making, I love programming and gaming with […]

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Talking Heads – Can You Solve a Problem Like Anxiety?

by Rachel Murray, 07 September 2018

I’m sitting in the 101 Ways main office alone. I have a designated hot desk for when I come in, which of course defeats the object of hot desking, but it’s a small thing that helps me feel less anxious about the freelance writer lifestyle. Apt also because anxiety is actually what I’m here to […]

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Agile 101 – How to play the game

by Emma Hopkinson-Spark, 20 August 2018

Whilst there are lots of ways you can vary the game depending on the teams you have and the learning outcomes you want, the basic flow of the game play is common to all. Contents Inside each tin you will find a 20-sided dice and a collection of cards. You’ll need to keep score as […]

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Agile 101 – The Game and How it Happened

by Emma Hopkinson-Spark, 16 August 2018

I have a lot of ideas; most of them barely stay in my head longer than the remainder of my commute. I often find myself racking my brain hours later trying to put the pieces together again for something which felt so clear and certain a few hours earlier, but ends up dismissed and forgotten […]

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