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10 Things Agile Executives Need To Do Differently

by Kelly Waters, 12 March 2012

Agile adoption is sometimes driven from the top by courageous executives boldly declaring “We’re going agile!”.  They see a vision of a better, happier place, where development is better, faster, cheaper, and they want it.  That’s understandable, of course.  But some don’t realise the implications.  When moving to agile methods, it’s not just teams that need to […]

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What Is Agile?

by Kelly Waters, 04 February 2012

If anyone was thinking agile is old news, think again. As part of this blog, I monitor Google search volumes pretty closely, which gives a good indication of demand. And you know what? “What is agile” is still one of the biggest search terms around, and it’s still growing! In my original post ’10 key […]

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Agile IT Transformation

by Kelly Waters, 14 December 2011

Talking about agile transformation specifically, it’s such a huge topic that I’ve often found myself trying to get my head around how to possibly explain it and where to start.  In terms of my own experience, having successfully transformed two large media companies in the UK, I have found there are 6 broad areas that […]

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Agile Transformation and the Chasm

by Mishkin Berteig, 24 November 2011

In his book “Crossing the Chasm“, Geoffrey Moore describes the difficulty of creating a popular new product due to a conceptual “chasm” between the first people who adopt a new product and those who come later.  He describes five types of people in relation to how they adopt new products: Innovators – always actively seeking [...]

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IT Transformation

by Kelly Waters, 25 October 2011

Agile is often the subject of an entire IT transformation within an organisation. But what is IT transformation? Transformation means different things for different organisations and what it is depends entirely on each organisation’s own unique situation, and what they are trying to achieve. It’s also something that keeps changing, as the organisation, customers and […]

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Agile Games – ball point game

by Kelly Waters, 27 September 2011

For those of you that believe in learning through play, the ball point game (invented I believe by Boris Gloger) is one game I can heartily recommend. I recently had the privilege of working independently with one of London’s top media companies and helping them to rejuvenate their agile roots. I ran an all-day workshop […]

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The Value of Stable Teams

by Kelly Waters, 14 September 2011

As a senior manager, one of the most valuable things you can do for any development team is to create an organizational structure that enables stable teams.  Permanent, lasting teams; not teams that assemble for a project and then disband to reform around a new project.  Particularly if projects are relatively short, it’s highly valuable […]

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