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UK Agile Awards 2011 – Shortlist Announced

by Kelly Waters, 12 August 2011

Hi everyone.  The shortlisted entries for the UK Agile Awards 2011 has now been announced.  You can see the full list here – Agile Awards 2011 Shortlist. I’m pleased to see IPC Media, my current company, has been shortlisted for the Most Engaged Management Team award.  I can certainly validate that.  My management team in IPC […]

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Remember that Agile is about Quality and Business Value

by Mike Caspar, 10 July 2011

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a companion about Agile Processes and the need for corporations, communities or groups to change their approach to planning and doing work. We were discussing using OpenAgile as a Framework. The person I was talking to told me that their group (Artists) were already used to and embraced [...]

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Seeing the Wind

by George Dinwiddie, 04 July 2011

I’ve just spent the past week at Junior Sailing Camp, helping kids circa age 10 become better sailors. At this age, they’ve learned many of the basic concepts: that pushing the tiller to starboard turns the boat to port, that they need to pull the sail in when going upwind, and let it out when [...]

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Which Agile Methodology Do You Use?

by Kelly Waters, 30 June 2011

If you haven’t done this poll yet, please spare about 5 seconds of your time to let me know what agile methodology (or combination or methods) you are using? It would be great to get some more feedback from the community on this; then I can show the results compared with the same poll a […]

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Agile Glossary

by Kelly Waters, 24 June 2011

Damon Poole (who blogs at Do It Yourself Agile) and Kristine Englert from AccuRev have pulled together an agile glossary, to help people come to terms with the ever-growing array of jargon and terminology we use in the agile community. You can see it here: Agile Glossary I think it’s a really nice piece of work and […]

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Time as a Competitive Advantage

by Mike Cohn, 04 June 2011

An article I read in 1988 has always stuck with me. The article was “Time–The Next Source of Competitive Advantage” by George Stalk in the Harvard Business Review. The article came near the start of an era in which companies primarily sought competitive advantage through being faster than other companies. This has, of course, coincided [...]

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Waterfall Works!

by Dave Rooney, 29 May 2011

When I'm providing training or giving a talk on Agile Software Development, I love to shock the attendees with the following statement: Waterfall works!Gasps of disbelief abound... "WTF?!  This guy who has just described how he has been working with Agile for over a decade is telling me that Waterfall works?!" The truth, however, is undeniable.  Tens and probably hundreds of thousands of

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