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The Ambidextrous Organization

The Agile community has struggled to find a model for transforming large organizations to an Agile approach to software delivery and face a more daunting struggle in striving towards enterprise agility. Should we strive to convert everyone in a large organization to Agile? If not, what parts should be converted and which left to their […]

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All you need is a bit of patience. Just be consistent in your message.

As many who have tried know, an Agile Transformation in a company is not always an easy process.  Although most people at first are keen to participate in the idea of “changing” the company culture and working environment to “something better”, many do not realize how much work it can actually be. For some of […]

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Measuring the Impact of your Agile Investments

Welcome to our new blog series, Measuring the Impact of your Agile Investments. This series focuses on measuring and quantifying the impact that Agile practices have on business outcomes. We’ll explore how putting comparable metrics in place allows organizations to steer improvement efforts in the right direction and realize the biggest payoffs of Agile. “How […]

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Agile Government – Contradiction In Terms?

Maybe not? In recent months, I’ve been one of a number of people in the commercial sector contributing to a major new report by the Institute for Government that discusses how to ‘fix the flaws in government IT‘.  The report recommends trying to seek a balance between platform based services, where standardisation and cost reduction is the key, and delivering

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IT Departments Need To Change With The Times

I recently wrote an article about agile development for InPublishing, which as the name suggests is a trade magazine for the publishing industry. I thought you might like to read it here, so here it is… The world is moving at an ever faster pace. At the same time, we have been operating in the harshest economic climate in our

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Agile Business Conference 2010 – A Quick Roundup

I had an enjoyable couple of days at the Agile Business Conference in London last week. Day 1 was pretty intense… The opening keynote was called ‘The World is Agile‘. First we heard from David Norton from Gartner. He was a very good speaker and it was an interesting talk. I thought it was interesting how he compared real life

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10 Things I Hate About Agile Development!

Agile development. Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay. I’ve enjoyed a great deal of success thanks to agile software development and agile project management methods, but here are 10 things I hate about Agile! 1. Saying you’re doing Agile just cos you’re doing daily stand-ups. You’re not doing agile. There is so much

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5 Reasons Why Agile Development Must Be Driven from the Top

Agile development is often initiated by the development team itself. Whilst they may find some good advantages, the most profound benefits of agile software development will not be realised unless it is driven from the top. Here’s why: 1. Multi-disciplined teams One of the key concepts of agile development is the idea of multi-disciplined teams – “one team“. An agile

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Agile Self-Assessment Tool

Quite a while ago now, I published this 42-point questionnaire to help you assess how agile you are. Now even ThoughtWorks are at it… ThoughtWorks Studios is a global leader in agile tools and training. Today they announced the launch of a new web-based tool for gauging the status of a software development team’s agile adoption and potential roadblocks to

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The State of Agile Software Development

VersionOne is now embarking on its 4th annual survey on the ‘State of Agile Software Development’. The survey is brief and further details can be found here: 4th Annual ‘State of Agile’ survey To play your part in this survey, and to make sure your situation is accounted for in the results, please join in and complete the survey. Kelly.

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“’Agile’ is one of the biggest buzzwords of the last decade. Agile methods often come across as rather more complicated than they really are. This book is an attempt to unravel that complexity. To simplify the concepts. This book breaks the concepts into small bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and easy to implement and delivers the message in a friendly and conversational style. Allaboutagile.com is one of the most popular blogs about agile on the web. ”

Kelly Waters

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