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All About Agile: The Book

by Kelly Waters, 25 April 2012

I have organised and edited the most popular educational content from the posts I have written here into a 380 page A5 book.  To buy it now on, click on the link below: All About Agile: The Book on Or if you prefer a PDF eBook, you can purchase and download it here: […]

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Implementing Scrum (PowerPoint)

by Kelly Waters, 03 December 2007

After seeing how popular my last presentation was (10 Key Principles of Agile Software Development) – and following numerous requests to do another one – I’ve created this PowerPoint presentation about ‘Implementing Scrum’. This presentation follows my latest series about How To Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps. It goes step by step, with pictures […]

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10 Key Principles of Agile (PowerPoint)

by Kelly Waters, 13 August 2007

Ive created a PowerPoint presentation about 10 Key Principles of Agile Software Development.  Please feel free to use or adapt it for your own presentations. Notice the notes on each slide from my blog. They’re not intended to be a script, but hopefully they’re still helpful. I’ve given away about 2000 copies of this presentation […]

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