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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Estimating User Stories

by Michael Dubakov, 11 April 2011

1. You don’t waste time on estimation Estimation takes time. Even if you do planning poker and use story points, it still takes time. What do you do to improve estimation accuracy? You gather some data, analyze the data and discuss the results. You are spending time on all that. But are you sure that [...]

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Agile Estimating in Scrum – Why Estimate Twice?

by Kelly Waters, 29 April 2010

In my series of posts “How to Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps“, I refer to two stages of estimating: Step 2 is how to estimate your Product Backlog. Step 4 is estimating tasks in Sprint Planning. Someone recently asked me a very good question – why estimate twice? I thought it would be worth […]

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Agile Software Development Estimating Experiment

by Kelly Waters, 25 January 2010

I recently came across this agile estimating experiment by Lance Walton. The article is quite old now but I still found it very interesting… In recent years, I’ve had quite a fascination with the concept of velocity and estimating in points. To be honest, it took me quite a while to really get this concept! […]

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Agile Estimating: The Secret To Delivering On Time

by Kelly Waters, 02 September 2009

For decades, delivering on time has been the holy grail of software development. I’ve been doing agile software development for quite a few years now. I’ve seen many benefits, but one of the most remarkable things of all, is how so many teams can quickly get good at delivering on time. It’s the art – […]

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Estimating in Agile Development

by Kelly Waters, 02 April 2009

I’ve written quite a bit about various aspects of estimating in agile development. I think it’s about time I joined up the dots… Product Backlog The Product Backlog is a feature list. Or a list of User Stories if that’s your approach. Either way, it is a simple list of things that are of value […]

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Planning Poker – Agile Estimating

by Kelly Waters, 02 March 2009

Planning Poker is an estimating technique used by many agile software development teams. Like many agile development techniques, Planning Poker is very simple. Simple, but effective. First of all, agile teams should ideally estimate together. As a team. If the team is big, and people are working on different products, it’s okay to split the […]

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