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The Challenge of an Unclear or Miscommunicated Vision

by Zane Gambasin, 09 April 2019

As we help companies through complex periods of transformation, I wanted take a deep dive into the concept of ‘vision’, previously touched upon by Kelly Waters. Particularly exploring how it plays a key role in helping people understand the link between the change and a company’s success or survival. Why is vision needed? Every startup […]

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Focus On What To Leave Out

by Rick Austin, 31 July 2012

As an avid photographer I’ve learned a lesson that sometimes a well composed photo depends more on what is left out of the photo. More is not always better and can sometimes ruin what could have been a good composition. As an example, this photo is as was taken. I realized there were distracting elements [...]

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Do Less

by Kelly Waters, 13 June 2012

I recently wrote a post called 10 Things Executives Need To Do Differently (In Agile).  I also presented on this a couple of weeks ago at the Agile Australia conference. Like many things on this list, the first of the 10 things is easy to say and very hard to do.  It’s a key mantra […]

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Build Less, Start Sooner

by Jim Highsmith, 09 May 2012

Jeff Patton recently reminded me of two simple strategies for software development that I’ve talked about from time to time—Build Less Software and Start Sooner. I thought I’d follow up on Jeff’s blog and revisit these simple, but powerful strategies. First, managers and executives complain a lot about not delivering software (or any other product [...]

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No Bull!

by Kelly Waters, 03 May 2012

Simon Baker from Energized Work has written a great paper about whether or not twelve years of agile has really changed anything in the world of software development? In the paper, Simon writes about the industry as a whole and his own personal experience, in what I think is a really interesting view of what […]

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“Over’s” Usefulness in Decision Making

by Jim Highsmith, 27 March 2012

The Agile Manifesto was written in a very deliberate style, for example, “Individuals and interactions over process and tools.” The word “over” was carefully chosen and establishes a key agile principle that many things in our world are too complex for black or white answers so we need to differentiate between what is critical and [...]

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