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Employers Making An Impact

First of all, I was really excited that IPC Media won ‘Most Engaged Management Team’ at the UK’s agile awards this week. I can certainly vouch for that – the people I worked so closely with at IPC over the last few years are a very talented bunch, who not only understand agile methods, they really do live by agile

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The Value of Stable Teams

As a senior manager, one of the most valuable things you can do for any development team is to create an organizational structure that enables stable teams.  Permanent, lasting teams; not teams that assemble for a project and then disband to reform around a new project.  Particularly if projects are relatively short, it’s highly valuable to keep teams stable, not

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A Manager’s Guide to Building a Relationship with the Team

“A talented employee may join a company because of its charismatic leaders, its generous benefits, and its world class training programs, but how long that employee stays and how productive he is while there is determined by his relationship with his immediate supervisor.”  Buckingham & Coffman Good managers know how to build strong relationships in […]

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Adaptive Leadership–Continuous Change

All of us fall into clichéd phrases about the constancy and pervasiveness of change—yet our conceptual framework and management practices still view change as an exception. Most of our concepts, practices, and tools are geared to environments in which equilibrium is the normal condition and changes are the exception. Extreme, high-speed, high-change environments are just […]

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Solving Symptoms

Recently, I attended two retrospectives.  Different teams, different states, different facilitators. I’m usually on the other side, leading retrospectives. Both retrospectives followed the “make lists” pattern.  One made two lists  “What worked well” and “What didn’t work well.”  The other made three lists “What worked well,” “What didn’t work well,” & “Issues or questions.” Once […]

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‘The Power of One’ – Creating An Agile Organisation

In the past, I have often talked about the importance of “business alignment”.  I think sometimes it hasn’t necessarily been very clear what I meant by that, so I thought I would try to explain it a bit more clearly. By business alignment, I mean the alignment between a development team and the business unit they do work for, and

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Rethinking Manager’s Relationship with Agile Teams

This article originally appeared on gantthead.com  In the early days of agile, some pundits (and developers) cried, “We don’t need no stinking managers.” By now, most people realize that organizations still need management (and people in management roles) after they adopt agile methods. However, if those organizations want all the benefits of agile, managers must […]

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Leadership and Decision Making

A good leader has to be a visionary, a teacher, a motivator, a facilitator, and other things, but she must also be a decision maker. The same is true of lead engineers for technical issues. So the question becomes, at what point does a leader’s decision making damage self-organization? First, when the team loses respect […]

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Misconceptions about Self-Organizing Teams

At a recent conference, I over-heard three managers talking about self-organizing teams. “You can’t just turn people loose and let a team make all the decisions. They’ll mess things up. And with all these ScrumMasters, coaches, and self-organizing teams, sounds like I’m out of a job,” said one with resignation. “This time boxing thing is […]

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When Something Isn’t Working, Have The Courage To Kill It

I’m a great believer in the idea of recognising when something isn’t working, and having the courage to stop doing it. It’s something we sometimes struggle with on our web sites, gradually producing a lot of clutter that isn’t working as well as we’d like, and losing emphasis on the important stuff that is. And it’s also true with processes.

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