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The Problem With Planning

by Kelly Waters, 05 October 2009

I think I’ve been pretty successful in my career. But if I was better at planning, I wouldn’t have achieved half the things I’ve achieved in my career! In fact, I wouldn’t even have started some of them… In reality, there are some things you can plan, and some things you can’t. The trouble is, […]

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Planning Poker – Agile Estimating

by Kelly Waters, 02 March 2009

Planning Poker is an estimating technique used by many agile software development teams. Like many agile development techniques, Planning Poker is very simple. Simple, but effective. First of all, agile teams should ideally estimate together. As a team. If the team is big, and people are working on different products, it’s okay to split the […]

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Agility Versus Predictability

by Kelly Waters, 19 January 2009

George Dinwiddie has written an excellent blog post about Agility Versus Predictability. In this post, George challenges the idea that traditional (waterfall) software development projects are more predictable than agile projects. He also give a very clear explanation about how to do Agile Release Planning. Kelly. Photo by bb matt

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Prioritization using MoSCoW

by Kelly Waters, 12 January 2009

Several years after I first encountered it, I still find MoSCoW one of the easiest methods for prioritization… The MoSCoW approach to prioritization originated from the DSDM methodology (Dynamic Software Development Method), which was possibly the first agile methodology (?) – even before we knew iterative development as ‘agile’. MoSCoW is a fairly simple way […]

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Agile Prioritisation: Get More Bang For Your Buck!

by Kelly Waters, 21 October 2008

A while ago I wrote about a fairly simple technique explaining how to prioritise quickly and intuitively… Following this blog post, I got into an email discussion with Scott Sehlhorst from Tyner Blain. He extended the idea brilliantly, which I blogged about. His idea was to make the approach more quantitive, using business value as […]

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Agile Project Planning

by Kelly Waters, 04 August 2008

Projects are a necessary evil 🙂 But necessary they are. Some people really feel the need to understand precisely what the project will cost and exactly long it will take. If this is the basis for investment, of course that’s a completely understandable feeling. For years, traditional waterfall projects have been sold on the false […]

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Agile Release Planning

by Kelly Waters, 25 February 2008

A software release may result from multiple iterations (or ‘Sprints’ in Scrum). Sprint Planning is about planning what’s included in the next iteration. Whereas Release Planning is about planning multiple Sprints, in order to predict when a release (or releases) might be delivered. Release Planning is a very simple way of doing some top-down planning. […]

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