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Agile Project Management Questions Answered

I was asked recently to answer 5 questions about agile project management for a feature on PM Boulevard. I thought you might appreciate seeing them here too… 1. How has the Agile practice evolved over the last two years? I don’t personally think that agile practices have particularly changed in the last two years, however there is clearly a stronger

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Are You Using The Right Project Management Software? – by Andrew Filev

This is a guest blog post by Andrew Filev from Project Management 2.0 blog… So you’ve decided to follow the agile path and manage your projects in the iterative way? You have the methodology at hand and a team of committed professionals who will make your project materialize. Now it is time to think over the project management tools you

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Agile Project Management: Avoiding The Waterfall – by Richard Revis

This is a guest blog post by Richard Revis from The Plan Is… “Agile project management can be hard to implement successfully because even once you have good practices in place the way projects are run can revert to the old methodology quickly. I would like to share three reasons that I have come across for the reappearance of waterfall

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Agile Methodology

I recently ran a poll on which agile project management software you would recommend. It got a terrific response and the results are really interesting! While you’re in the mood for polls, I thought I’d run another one. This time I’m asking which agile methodology do you use? Which Agile Methodology Do You Use?(online surveys) Thanks in advance for your

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Recommended Agile Project Management Software

I’m curious. I haven’t used specialised agile project management software before. I’ve always relied simply on Excel and as you may know I’m a big fan of the whiteboard! Nevertheless, I was wondering what is the most popular, or most recommended, agile project management software and thought it would be interesting to run a poll to find out! Vote for

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Agile Project Management: Risk Management

This is a guest blog post from Tara Whitaker. Tara has recently launched a new agile blog called Agile 101. It really is amazing how much content Tara has already published on agile project managementand agile programme management. Here’s a taster… A Risk is an uncertain event that will impact your chosen path should it be realised. Risks are events

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Agile Project Management: Project Initiation

I’m delighted to introduce another guest blogger on All About Agile. Scott Ambler has agreed to blog here from time to time. Scott is Chief Methodologist at IBM Rational and (co)author of 19 books! His first post is a call for action. Scott runs various surveys in order to get feedback on key issues in agile software development. The latest

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Agile 101: A New Agile Blog is Born

One of my colleagues, Tara Whitaker, has started a new blog about agile software development and agile project management called Agile 101. Tara’s role is Head of Programme Management. We have several teams doing agile development, so one of our challenges as a management team is agile programme management, i.e. how to manage the overall programme of work when teams

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Using Scrum on Larger Projects: “Scrum of Scrums”

It is sometimes said that agile software development methods, such as Scrum, are ideal for small projects being delivered by small teams. Personally I would certainly agree that Scrum is ideal for small, multi-disciplined, co-located teams, working on a common purpose. However, these days we hear plenty of examples of larger companies using Scrum on a fairly large scale. I

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“’Agile’ is one of the biggest buzzwords of the last decade. Agile methods often come across as rather more complicated than they really are. This book is an attempt to unravel that complexity. To simplify the concepts. This book breaks the concepts into small bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and easy to implement and delivers the message in a friendly and conversational style. Allaboutagile.com is one of the most popular blogs about agile on the web. ”

Kelly Waters

Agile 101 is available to purchase. GAME ON!

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“Whilst there are lots of ways you can vary the game depending on the teams you have and the learning outcomes you want, the basic flow of the game play is common to all.”
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